Decking Materials

When selecting a composite decking you have to keep a few things in mind. First, what kind of material do you want to use? Second, how do you want your deck to look? Is there going to be multiple levels, stairs? Is it raised? Third, what kind of railing do you want? Lastly, how much are you willing to spend. The next few weeks are highlighting the answers to these questions on our blog. Check in weekly for more information. 

Trex Composite Decking

There are three major decking materials: wood, composite, and vinyl. Wood decks provide a classic feel to your yard. They’re versatile, you can stain them almost any color you want. You can work with an almost endless supply of types of wood as well. We recommend cedar, redwood, or a tropical hardwood like ipe. These wood decking materials are resistant to insects, mold, and rot. They will outlast other types of wood by years. The one downside with wood decking is maintenance. In order to keep your deck beautiful you have to stain your deck at least once a year and clean it often.

Wood Decking

Wood Decking

If you’re looking for a deck that requires less maintenance while still providing the look and feel of wood, we recommend a composite decking. There are many types of composite decks, like Trex, Fiberon, TimberTech, and Evergrain. You can read about the virtues of each type of fence on their specific page. However, in general, these decks are fade resistant. All composite decks fade, but these composite decking companies will fade less than other alternatives. They are mold resistant, will not split or break, and are easy to install.

 Trex Composite DeckingFiberon Composite Decking

Finally, we reach vinyl decking. In no way do we recommend vinyl-decking products. While they may be the most affordable option, the make their savings in providing a subpar product.  We have replaced plenty of vinyl decks that are cracked, split, or in some cases collapsed.

Vinyl Decking

Whatever your decking situation will provide you an affordable, long lasting deck for your home and yard. Contact us for a free quote today.