Wood Decking

Wood Decking


Cedar provides an all natural look and feel for your wood decking. It is naturally resistant, can be painted, stained, or left it’s own natural beauty. It is naturally resistant to termites and other bugs. 


Redwood Wood Decking

Redwood decks are as beautiful as they are dependable. Redwood stays straight and holds finishes longer than most woods. It is also naturally resistant to insects and decay. Redwood decks weather beautifully and will provide lasting enjoyment year after year.


Ipe Wood Decking

Ipe decking originates from countries in Central and South America. It has natural properties that make it some of the toughest and longest lasting decking material on the market today. Those properties include being insect, mold, and rot resistant. Ipe decking’s strength is found in it’s extremely dense and tight grain. For those looking for a natural wood look, it doesn’t get much better than Ipe.